Visiting Arequipa &

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Arequipa is located in the southwestern area of Peru. Due to its strategic location,Arequipa has been,and still is, an important source of income for the country (having the second largest economy of the country today). Arequipa is an important economic hub,connecting the southern Regions of Puno, Cusco, and Puerto Maldonado with the Pacific Ocean. These factors make Arequipa an easy place to access.

Arequipa can be visited by air,sea,and land. The airport, Rodriguez Ballon of Arequipa,receives direct!lights from Lima,Tacna,and Cusco. Every year the port of Matarani welcomes a few international cruises, which spend two or three days in Matarani so that travelers can visit the city of Arequipa or nearby areas. Arequipa city and most of the main cities and tourist areas can be accessed by road. The most traveled route is the Panamerica (south and north) and then the roadto Juliaca in the Region of Puno which leads to the Region of Cusco. There are severalroads inbad condition which shouldn't be traveled. (You should ask for advice before planning a road trip to Peru.)

It is important to know that moving around the city of Arequipa or traveling by road from or to other cities in Peru is a challenge if you don't speak Spanish and/or if you aren't a very cautious, defensive driver. The city of Arequipa and surrounding districts hove an overpopulation of vehicles and the public transportation system is chaotic. Once inthe city,it is better to hire a driver to take you places orwalk when possible. (A walk around the city of Arequipa is a memorable experience.) Walking around downtown Arequipa during the doy is fairly sa e. (The traveler still needs to be cautious like in any other major city around the world.) At night, it is better to hire the services of a trustworthy company to take you around.

Visiting Arequipa by Plane


Rodríguez Ballon Airport - Arequipa:

Location: Av. Aeropuerto s/n, District of Cerro Colorado, Province of Arequipa, Region of Arequipa.
Phone: +51 54 34-4834.

Arrivals and Departures: This airport receives direct flights from Lima, Cusco, and Tacna. All international and domestic departures and arrivals can be checked at the Aeropuertos Andinos del Peru site.

Highlights: There is a bookstore,a few handcraft stores, a drug store,sorne coffee shops.

Transportation from and to: If transportation hasn't been arranged to take the traveler to his/her accommodation location, an unauthorized taxi shouldn't be hired. (Percentage of travelers robbed is high.) Ask for an authorized taxi driver. If pick up is arranged through a tour company, the reliability of the provider should be triple-checked to avoid disappointments. A private ride from the airport to the Districts of Arequipa or San Isidro costs USD $10.00 - $20.00 (depending on providers and service needed) .


  • Lan Peru (Santa Catalina 118, Arequipa District)
  • Peruvian Airlines (La Merced 202-B, Arequipa District)
  • Avianca (Centro Comercial Real Plaza (first level), Ave. Ejercito l009, Cayma District)
  • LCPeru (Calle Moral 223-225, Arequipa District) .

Average Flight Duration


1 hour and 05 minutes


1 hour and 40 minutes

Juliaca (1 stop in Cusco)

3 hour and 30 minutes


30 minutes

Visiting Arequipa by Road & Getting Around


Arequipa is the most important hub in southern Peru.The majority of the crops and minerals of mass production originating in Puno, Cusco, and Puerto Maldonado Regions end in Arequipa city or in the Matarani port. The "Panamericana Sur" highway has one lane per side in the majority of the route, and sorne areas are curvy with deep cliffs. Drivers need to be very cautious when traveling by road and it is not recommended to travel at night.

There are hundreds of bus companies, but not all of them hove been authorized to operate or,most importantly,are sa e for traveling. Below is a list of bus companies which are known to offer a good service:

  • Expreso Cruz del Sur: It provides different quality services, the most comfortable being the Cruzero service (bed-style seats) . A cheaper option is the Imperial service which is next in quality and comfort. Cruz del Sur is located in Arturo Ibañez s/n (near Ave. Andres Avelino Caceres), Parque Industrial, Arequipa.
  • Expreso Internacional Ormeño: It provides a bed-style seat service. Ormeño has its main office in Arturo lbañez s/n (near Ave. Andres Avelino Caceres), Parque Industrial,Arequipa.
  • Ollursa: It provides a bed-style seat service and a good price. Oltursa has a main office at the Terminal Terrestre located in Ave. Jacobo Hunter s/n. lt doesn't travel to Puno or Puerto Maldonado.
  • 4M Express: It provides a tourist service with stops at sorne places of interest. lt covers the following routes: Arequipa, Colca (Chivay), Cusco, and Puno. lt has an office in Ayacucho Street 21O, Chivay, Province of Caylloma, Arequipa.

Distances & Average Driving Time driving from and to Lima

Cabanaconde (colca canyon)

216 Kilometers - 5 hours and 30 min


1787 Kilometers - 25 hours by road


484 Kilometers - 8 hours by road

Chivay (colca canyon)

164 Kilometers - 9 hours and 30 min


725 Kilometers - 3 hours and 30 min


267 Kilometers - 4 hours and 30 min

La Paz, Bolivia

605 Kilometers - 12 hours and 30 min


1030 Kilometers - 14 hours and 30 min

Matarani, Mollendo

116 Kilometers - 2 hours by road


460 Kilometers - 7 hours by road


780 Kilometers - 10 hours and 45 min

Puerto Inka

396 Kilometers - 5 hours and 30 min

Puerto Maldonado

815 Kilometers - 18 hours by road


311 Kilometers - 5 hours and 15 min


371 Kilometers - 5 hours by road


1575 Kilometers - 21 hours and 30 min

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