Ica is a region with a long and enigmatic history as well as a beautiful coast, rich land and fauna. Sunny most of the year, Ica is a source of entertainment for alltravelers. Great landscapes and intriguingthousand-year-old remains are a constant in this great land. lts proximity to Lima provides several options to visit this region by road.

The Region of Ica is south of Lima in the southwestern part of the country. Ica is a diverse region with a mainly desert-like terrain where very fecund valleys generally ending at the coast give shape to extreme landscapes. Ica is a necessary stop for animal lovers, birdwatchers, sand boarders, history and anthropology lovers, and travelers looking for time off at a quiet, sunny bay.

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According to Carbon-14 tests, the Region of Ica was home to the Long Head people of Paracas at least 2500 years ago. The people of Paracas and Nasca were thoroughly studied by archaeologists Julio C. Tello and Frederic Engel; however,there are not conclusive theories related to these ancient people's practices, customs, ortheirdisappearance. Thesmallmuseumfounded by Engel exhibits artifacts of their lOyearsof research,andsorne of the pieces andremains can't be seen anywhere else. In this region,the Paracas people settled about 2500 years ago while the Nasca culture took shape about 1500 years ago. The Nasca people are knownaroundthe worldbecause of their famous Nasca Unes (immense geoglyphs designed inthe ground into various shapes, among them several animal shapes) and also due to their underground water aqueducts. The Incas conquered this region in the l400s, and the Spaniards arrived and ruled inthe region beginning with their arrival in 1535 but didn't rule officially in the Villa de Valverde until 1563.

The Region of Ica has been animportant source of agriculturalcrops since the beginning of civilization.The Incas grew their crops in Ica and sent their varied produce to Cusco and other oreas of the Tahuantinsuyo (the name given to the Empire) . The Spaniards introduced grapes from the Canary lslands in this orea and established vineyards. This started the production of wine and a new beverage known as Pisco, which is made by distilling grapes.

Nowadays Ica is an important touristic destination for Peruvians and foreign travelers, offering luxurious hotels in Paracas, adventures in the Sand Dunes of Ica,and history by overflying the Nasca Unes. Also, the Region of Ica has one of the strongest economies of the country a ter Lima,Arequipa,and Cusco. The region's main income is the exportation of high-quality agricultural crops to all continents. Also, the Region of Ica has a rich Pacific Ocean coastline,which attracts several species of birds as well as sea lions and Humboldt Penguins, among other species. The Ballestas and SanGallan lslands are populated by a colorful fauna and can be visited all year long. The Paracas Bay and Reserve offer exotic beaches with sunny days daily.

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