Culture & Customs

Peru is a country with a wide cultural background. Some of the current customs are different according to region, from north to south and from the Coast to the Amazon Rainforest.

Peru's ancient history has shaped a country with an interesting and varied culture. Native Peruvians were usually ruled by a king or a small circle of rulers who justified their power in divine sources. Later, the Spaniards ruled and influenced Peruvians for almost three centuries. The Spaniards introduced new customs, beliefs, people (mainly Spaniards, Africans, and Asians), procedures, and inventions. The independence of Peru created a democracy which was many times overruled by military parties (most of them with devastating results for the natives). Peruvians have long struggled to find their country’s identity and strengths, but the last few generations of Peruvians have managed to form a new and vibrant country.

People from the Coast


Starts at the coasts of the Region of Piura and goes all the way to the southern coasts of the country.


People from the Amazon Rainforest


Usually very friendly but also introverted, and more polite than the people from the coast but still welcoming. When visiting a tribe, it is important to make sure that visitors are expected. You need to make arrangement ahead of time.


People from the Highlands


Usually very friendly, not as outgoing as the people from the Coast, and more polite but still welcoming. Foreigners are usually welcome in the majority of local communities, but there are some communities where permission to visit the place is needed. (This usually happens in communities far away from main cities).


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