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The last census, performed in 2007, determined that the Region of Cusco is home for l,l71,403 Peruvians. These people represent 4.27% of Peruvians. About 15% of the population live in poverty or extreme poverty, and the majority of them live in rural areas without access to proper education and health services.

In the Region of Cusco, Castellano (Spanish from the region of Castilla in Spain) is the main language, and about 85% of the population speaks it. On the other hand, about 15% of the population speaks only Quechua. A high percentage of the population are bilingual (Castellano and Quechua) or Trilingual (Castellano, Quechua, and a foreign language such as English or French). Cusco is an area of Peru where locals are proud of their origins, and Quechua is frequently spoken at home and outside the home. The strong presence of tourism helps to maintain local customs.

Peru is a democratic country where mayors, governors, and counselors are elected every four years. In January 2015 the mayor of the City of Cusco, Carlos Moscoso Perea, started a new term. The main City Hall is located in downtown Cusco. The President of the Region, Edwin Licona Licona,was elected at the sarne time and for the sorne period of time. The main office is also located in the district of Wanchaq.

There are 13 provinces in Cusco and the Province of Cusco has 8 districts. Each province and district has a mayor. The Provinces of Puno are listed below:

  • Acomayo (center of the region)
  • Anta (western center of the region)
  • Calca (eastern center of the region)
  • Canas (southeastern part of the region)
  • Canchis (southeastern part of the region)
  • Chumbivilcas (southwestern part of the region)
  • Cusco (center of the region)
  • Espinar (southern part of the region)
  • La Convencion (northern part of the region)
  • Paruro (western center of the region)
  • Paucartambo (eastern center of the region)
  • Quispicanchi (eastern center of the region)
  • Urubamba (northern center of the region)
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