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Why Explore Peru Peru is a country with a wide variety of options to explore. Travelers can learn about history, archeology, anthropology, architecture, art, as well as try delicious cuisine; enjoy beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna; and engage in enjoyable outdoor activities in breathtaking nature. Peru's history is rich and ancient. Several civilizations and empires settled and flourished in Peru, taking advantage of the terrain and, in some cases, adapting it to their needs even if that meant building a road over an Andean mountain. The ancient Peruvians developed the Andean farming terraces and agricultural practices which can be observed in several areas of Peru. The Colca Valley is a beautiful example of these terraces and advanced agricultural techniques. (These terraces are still in use by local farmers.) These civilizations made several important achievements not made by Europeans of the same time period. For example, early Peruvians used potatoes (native to the Andes) and modified them genetically to create thousands of different varieties of potatoes. The remains of these civilizations can be visited and admired all over Peru. The most important of these remains is the citadel of Machu Picchu, located in the Region of Cusco. The conquest of Peru by the Spaniards in 1532 began a new civilization. Several cities in Peru still maintain the Spanish layout and architecture. The city of Arequipa is a good example of the Spanish style, implementing volcanic stone to create its beautiful buildings. The main square of Arequipa, the Cathedral, the Company of Jesus Church and Cloisters, the Santa Catalina Monastery, and several "Casonas" are all excellent examples. Colonial Peruvians developed new practices, customs, and beliefs. The religious and local festivals celebrated all over Peru are a demonstration of the rich and diverse civilization achieved by Peruvians. The festival of the Sun and the festival of the Candelaria Virgen are probably the most popular festivals in the country. Being part of a religious or local festival is an incomparable experience. The current Peruvians attract visitors with their delicious food and delicatessens. The Peruvian cuisine is exquisite, and its variety can please even those with the most demanding taste. Each city in Peru has great restaurants and cooking schools where local food can be enjoyed. The restaurants promoted by Gastón Acurio must be visited. Peru's geography offers outdoor lovers great roads to hike or bike, white water rivers of all levels to practice rafting, hundreds of species of birds for birdwatchers, unique waves for surfers, breathtaking peaks and mountains for mountain climbers, and a rich flora and fauna for nature lovers. Developed to assist travelers in enjoying and exploring Peru, My Peru Guide’s site is a rich source of information related to historical sites, places of interest, accommodations, and restaurants, with comments and ratings from travelers. In other words, this website provides all the information needed to plan an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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