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 Visiting Puno & Getting Around Located in the southeastern part of Peru, the Region of Puno is located in the area known as "El Altiplano" (Andean flats). Due to its location, the Region of Puno has an important connection with the Regions of Cusco and Arequipa and the country of Bolivia; however, it doesn't have a relevant connection with the capital of Peru, Lima. Despite the fact that Peru is a relatively small country, it can take about 20 hours to reach the city of Puno from Lima via Arequipa (818 miles - 1,310 kms.) and about 24 hours via Cusco (820 miles - 1,313 kms.) Puno can be visited by air, by land, and via Titicaca Lake if coming from La Paz, Bolivia. The Airport Inca Manco Capac of Juliaca receives direct flights from Lima and Cusco. The port of Puno receives small catamarans coming from La Paz. (This is a tourist service with stops at a few islands on the way.) The cities of Juliaca and Puno can be accessed by road from Cusco, Puerto Maldonado, and Arequipa. It is important to know that the Panamerica Route doesn't include the Region of Puno. Also, there are several roads in bad condition which shouldn't be traveled. (You should ask for advice before planning a road trip in Peru.) The city of Puno is small; however, moving around in it or traveling by road from or to other cities in Peru can be a challenge due to the complicated layout of the city and its aggressive drivers. Also, if you don't speak Spanish and/or you aren't a very cautious or defensive driver, it is better to hire someone else for the task. Walking around downtown Puno during the day is fairly safe. (Travelers still need to be cautious, as they would in any other major city around the world.) At night, it is better to hire the services of a trustworthy company to take you around.
Visiting Puno by Plane  Inca Manco Capac Airport - Juliaca Location: Av. Aviacion s/n, District of Juliaca, Province of San Roman, Region of Puno Phone: +51 51 32-8974 Arrivals and Departures: This airport receives direct flights from Cusco and Lima. All domestic departures and arrivals can be checked at the CORPAC site. Highlights: This is a small airport with a bookstore, a few handcraft stores, a drug store, and some coffee shops (before passing security and afterwards). Transportation From and To: If transportation hasn't been arranged to take the traveler to his/her accommodations, an unauthorized taxi shouldn't be hired. (The percentage of travelers robbed is high.) Ask for an authorized taxi driver inside the airport. If pick up is arranged through a tour company, the reliability of the provider should be triple-checked to avoid disappointments. A private ride from the airport to the city of Puno costs around USD 35.00 - 15.00 (depending on the quality of the service). Airlines: Lan Peru (Jr. Tacna 299, Puno Province and District), Avianca (Centro Comercial Real Plaza (first level), Jiron Tumbes 391, Suite LC-105, Province of San Roman, District of Juliaca) Average Flight Duration
Arequipa (Stop in Cusco or Lima) 3 hours and 30 minutes Cusco 1 hour Lima 1 hour and 40 minutes
Visiting Puno by Road & Getting Around
 Puno is an important tourist destination and many travelers include Titicaca Lake in their itineraries when going from Arequipa to Cusco and vice versa. Highway 34A, which covers the route from Arequipa to Juliaca or Puno and from those points to Cusco (Highway 3-S) has one lane per side and some areas are curvy with steep drop-offs. Drivers need to be very cautious when traveling by road; it is not recommended to travel at night. Also, Juliaca and Puno can be reached coming from Chivay where the Colca Canyon is located. There are dozens of bus companies operating the route to Puno and Juliaca but not all of them have been authorized to operate and most importantly aren't safe for traveling. Below is a list of bus companies which are known to offer a good service: Expreso Cruz del Sur: It provides different quality services, the most comfortable being the Cruzero service (bed-style seats). A cheaper option is the Imperial service, which is next in quality and comfort. Cruz del Sur is located in Arturo Ibañez s/n (near Ave. Andres Avelino Caceres), Parque Industrial, Arequipa. Expreso Internacional Ormeño: It provides a bed-style seat service. Ormeño has its main office in Arturo Ibañez s/n (near Ave. Andres Avelino Caceres), Parque Industrial, Arequipa. Peru Tour Bus: It offers direct rides from Cusco to Puno and vice versa as well as Puno to Copacabana in Bolivia and vice versa. The buses are comfortable with reclining seats at a good price. Its main office in Puno is located in the General Bus Station of Puno located at Ave. Simon Bolivar s/n, Puno District. 4M Express: It provides a tourist service with stops in some places of interest. It covers the following routes: Puno to Colca (Chivay) and Puno to Arequipa. It doesn't have an office in Puno. Inka Express: It provides a tourist service with stops in some places of interest. It covers the route: Puno to Cusco and vice versa. It doesn't have an office in Puno. Puno offers a variety of private transportation companies offering a wide range of quality service; however, many of them aren't licensed to operate. If an English-speaking driver is needed, a travel agency should be contacted to make arrangements. A traveler should never take a cab from the streets due to the high number of people robbed in cabs. Below is a list of reliable transportation companies: Radio Taxi Milenium - Ya: Provides a private service. It can be reached at 72-7433 or 36-7171. (If calling from outside Peru add 011-51-51 in front of the number.) Renting a car in Puno or Juliaca is not an easy task since there are not reliable companies offering the service. Cities like Arequipa, Cusco, and Lima allow renters to drop off cars in other cities, but the fee charged is very high and it is better not to do it. If the traveler is looking for a road trip around Puno, it is recommended to hire the services of a tour operator, travel agency, or a trustworthy taxi company.
 Distances & Average Driving Time driving from and to Puno City
Capacabana, Bolivia 143 Kilometers - 3 hours and 30 min
Cusco 389 kilometers - 6 hours by road
Chivay (Colca Canyon) 276 kilometers - 4 hours and 30 min
Ica (via Arequipa) 1022 kilometers - 16 hours
Juliaca Airport 48 km - 1 hour
La Paz, Bolivia 263 km - 6 hours
Lima (via Arequipa) 1315 kilometers - 21 hours
Nasca (via Arequipa) 864 Kilometers - 14 hours
Paracas (via Arequipa) 1076 kilometers - 17 hours and 30 min
Puerto Inka (via Arequipa) 693 kilometers - 12 hours
Puerto Maldonado 588 kilometeres - 16 hours
Tacna (via Moquegua) 396 kilometers - 8 hours

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