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 Visiting Ica & Getting Around Ica is located a bit west of the southcentral part of Peru just south of Lima. Due to its great location and fertile valleys, it was suggested that it become the capital of the viceroyalty of Peru, but the conqueror Francisco Pizarro (in charge of the expedition) vetoed the idea. At the present, Ica is mainly visited by road because so many intersecting asphalt roads connect Ica’s main cities to the main cities of the rest of Peru. The most traveled north-south route is the Panamericana. The international airport of Pisco, Captain Renan Elias Olivera, will receive international and domestic flights when it is completed in 2017. This will be a good alternative for those looking for a few sunny days before heading to the cold Andean Mountains to visit Machu Pichu. Some cruise companies stop here for one or two days as well. Moving around Ica can be a challenge if you don't speak Spanish. It is hard to find people who speak English outside the main tourist areas such as Paracas, Nasca, and the Huacahina Oasis. Ica is a medium-size city which can be dangerous in some areas. It is important to hire safe means of transportation to get there and to move around within the city.
Visiting Ica by Plane
The Region of Ica has one international airport. The Captain Renan Elias Olivera Airport is located in the Province of Pisco, but it is under construction and it won't receive flights until 2017. Also, the airdrome of Nasca is able to receive only small airplanes; it doesn't have the capacity to receive commercial flights.
Visiting Ica by Road & Getting Around
Ica receives visitors from all Peruvian regions and nearby countries; these visitors usually travel by bus or private transportation. Several companies offer transportation services but some of them are not as reliable as others. In Ica you will also be able to rent a car or hire the services of a private transfer. It is always better to hire these services in Lima because not all companies are reliable. When looking for a bus company, the traveler needs to make sure that the company is safe and reliable. Also, it is important to know that there are several types of services and it is important to choose the one that best fits your needs. For instance, there are several companies that stop in unauthorized places to pick up clients. Not only is this unsafe, but it will also delay the trip considerably. Below is a list of bus companies which are known to offer good service: Expreso Cruz del Sur: It provides different quality services, the most comfortable being the Cruzero service (bed-style seats). A cheaper option is the Imperial service, which is next in quality and comfort. Cruz del Sur has offices in Paracas at Calle Independencia, Mz. A, Lote 20, in Ica at the corner of Ave. Bolivar with Calle Ayabaca, and in Nasca at the corner of Streets Lima and San Martin. Expreso Internacional Ormeño: It provides a bed-style seat service. Ormeño has an office in Nasca at Los Incas 112. Oltursa: It provides a bed-style seat service and a good price. Oltursa has offices in Paracas at the Hotel Double Tree Suites by Hilton at Lote 30 - 34, Urb. Santo Domingo, Ave. Paracas D-6, in Ica at Ave. Ayabaca 474, and in Nasca at Ave. Lima 155, Suite 3. From any of these destinations, the traveler can travel to and from Lima, Arequipa, or Cusco. (Puno isn't available.) Movil Tours: It provides different quality services, the most comfortable being the Premier service (bed-style seats). Cheaper options are available. Movil Tours has an office in Nasca only at Calle Lima 155, Stand 4, Terminal Terrestre. It doesn't have offices in Paracas or Ica. From Nasca you can travel to and from Cusco or Lima. (Arequipa and Puno aren't available.) Ica offers a few private transportation companies, but if an English-speaking driver is needed, the options are almost non-existent. A traveler should never take a cab from the streets due to the high number of people robbed in cabs. Below is a list of reliable transportation companies (no English): Taxi a One: Provides a private service. It can be reached at 956-692222. (If calling from outside Peru, add 011-51 in front of the number.) Taxi Express: Provides a private service in Nasca. It can be reached at 056-275678. (If calling from outside Peru, add 011-51 in front of the number.) Anyone who is going to rent a car to visit the Region of Ica should do it in the city of Lima. Ica offers limited options to rent a car and this business hasn't been well-developed in this region. Also, it is important to know that getting around Ica isn't an easy task. Driving in Ica can be a real challenge because traffic rules aren't respected unless there is a traffic light. In addition, traffic signs aren't clear or don't exist, and drivers are extremely aggressive. Travelers are able to drive with their country driver license but passport and immigration card need to be carried at all times. When renting a car, the traveler will be asked for a credit card, a deposit amount, passport, immigration card, and driver license. Below is a list of reliable rental companies in Lima: Budget Peru: Reliable company but not the cheapest one. Premium Rent a Car: Reliable company offering good prices with a limited stock.
 Distances & Average Driving Time driving from and to Ica
Arequipa 706 Kilometers - 9 hours and 30 min
Cajamarca 1119 kilometers - 14 hours and 30 min
Caral 482 kilometers - 6 hours and 30 min
Chiclayo 1076 kilometers - 14 hours by road
Cusco (via Nasca) 799 kilometers - 14 hours by road
Huaraz 710 kilometers - 9 hours and 30 min
Lima (downtown) 308 kilometers - 4 hours by road
Mancora 1472 Kilometers - 19 hours by road
Nasca 143 kilometers - 2 hours by road
Paracas 72 kilometers - 1 hour by road
Puerto Maldonado (via Nasca) 1262 kilometers - 24 hours by road
Puno (via Arequipa) 1005 kilometers - 14 hours by road
Tacna 987 kilometers - 13 hours by road Trujillo 865 kilometers - 11 hours by road

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