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Tour Operators in Puno Lake Titicaca in the Region of Puno has attracted visitors for a long period of time; therefore, tour operators have adjusted their services to all types of travelers. Some tour operators work with low-budget travelers while others serve high-budget travelers. The difference in service is obvious, and travelers need to be aware of the type of service booked to avoid disappointments, for not all tour providers offer a good-quality and reliable service. Researching about tour operators by reading comments and feedback from fellow travelers before booking a tour is a task that must be done (especially when going to remote areas). MyPeruGuide site provides information and options about different tour operators in Puno. Tour operators are listed on our site upon request from the provider, and their business is subject to traveler reviews and ratings. The order of the providers listed on our site is based on registration date. If you need a tour operator in Puno and would like information and feedback about possible choices before booking a tour, please scroll down to find a list and details of registered tour operators. If you are a tour operator who would like to be listed on our site, please access our and fill it out.
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