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Puno Pre-INCA & Inca Sites The Region of Puno has been populated by humans for at least a couple thousand years. During this period of time important civilizations grew next to Lake Titicaca due to its varied flora and fauna. Important civilizations such as the Pucaras and the Tiahuanacos started in this region as well as other small kingdoms before the Incas claimed this land. Around the Region of Puno, it is possible to find artifacts and remnants of these Pre-Inca and Inca civilizations, and in some small towns the customs and practices haven’t changed. Below is a list of the most important Pre-Colombian and Inca sites in the Puno Region.  Sillustani Archeological Site Sillustani offers a great picture of the building procedures implemented by the people who settled in this area throughout...  Pucara Archeological Site The complex exhibits a prominent demarcation between the ceremonial area and the urban one. The ceremonial areas can be identified...
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