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Puno Colonial Churches & Sites Due to its inclement weather with temperatures near freezing, the Region of Puno wasn’t immediately populated by the Spaniards after their arrival. Once the Spaniards realized that the Region of Puno was rich in minerals such as gold and silver, they started to colonize it and build their towns. The Region of Puno has several Colonial churches and small towns which maintain some of the buildings raised during the Colonial period. In some cases these buildings have been renovated so visitors can learn about the times when the Spaniards lived in the area; however, not all Colonial buildings are in good shape. Below is a list of the most important Colonial churches and buildings in the Region of Puno.
 Cathedral of Puno Beautiful designs are cut into the stone façade. The main altar, built of cedar between 1871 and 1879, is in a Romanesque style... read more

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