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lima Population & Government The last census, performed in 2007, determined that the Region of Lima is home to 8,382,198 Peruvians. This figure represents 31% of Peru’s total population. The Province of Lima is home to 7,605,742 of the region’s population. It is important to note that El Callao Province is independent from the Region of Lima. As the second most populated province, it has a population of 876,877. Castellano (Spanish from the region of Castilla in Spain) is the most spoken language in the Region of Lima. Immigrants from the Andes and the Amazon usually speak another language such as Quechua, Aymara, or Shipibo, but knowledge of these languages isn't usually transferred to second generations. Peru is a democratic country where mayors, governors, and counselors are elected every four years. In January 2015 the newly elected mayor, Luis Castañeda Lossio, started a new term. The main City Hall is located in Downtown Lima, next to the Government Palace and in front of the Cathedral of Lima. There are 10 Provinces in Lima, not including the Constitutional Province of El Callao. The Province of Lima has 43 districts. Each province as well as district has a mayor. The provinces of Lima along with their approximate location within the region are listed below: Barranca (northwest) San Vicente de Cañete (southwest) Cajatambo (northeast) Canta (eastern center) Huaral (northwest) Huarochiri (eastern center) Huaura (northwest Lima (western center) Oyón (northeast) Yauyos (southeast)

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