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Lima Handcraft & Clothing Stores The Region of Lima has many handcraft and clothing stores. These stores usually sell handcraft and clothing goods from the main regions of Peru such as Ancash, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Cusco, Ica and Puno. Each region has a specific and unique style in clothing, jewelry designs (mainly gold and silver), ceramics, wood carving designs, etc. Prices in the city of Lima are more expensive than in the regions where these products are made; however, the products with the best quality are generally found in Lima. The District of Miraflores in the Province of Lima has several handcraft and clothing stores. The majority of these stores are found at Ave. Larco and Ave. Paseo de la Republica. The MyPeruGuide site provides information and options about different handcraft and clothing stores. These stores are listed on our site upon request from the provider; their business is subject to traveler reviews and ratings. The order of the providers listed on our site is based on registration date. If you would like information and feedback about handcraft and clothing stores in Lima, please scroll down to find a list and details of registered stores. If you are a handcraft or clothing store provider who would like to be listed on our site, please access our and fill it out.
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