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Ica Natural Attractions The Region of Ica has one of the driest deserts in the world but at the same time has many fertile valleys from which people have been channeling water for hundreds of years. In this region, cities and towns can be found next to amazing sand dunes ending in a coastline with a rich flora and fauna. The beautiful Bay of Paracas is great for kite and wind surfers. Below are listed the most important and attractive Natural Reserves or Zones and beaches in the Region of Ica.  Paracas Natural Reserve Paracas wind is strong and great for the practice of wind surfing and kite surfing. From May to October, the wind blows around 15 - 20 kph...  ballestas ISlands in paracas The Ballestas Islands are not part of the Paracas Natural Reserve but it is also protected by the Peruvian government. In this area...
 Huacachina Oasis & Sand Dunes Several companies offer buggy and sandboard tours, which usually last 1 hour and 30 minutes. The best ones are early in the morning...
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