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Ica Museums The Region of Ica has only a few museums, and these are not very big, having only a few exhibits related to the topic of investigation in the area. For instance, the Maria Reiche Museum exhibits details about the life and work of the "Lady of the Desert," who worked to preserve and understand the Nasca Lines. Below are listed the most important museums in the Region of Ica:
 Maria Reiche Museum The museum exhibits her living conditions and the remains of her studies and work. The profit obtained from the sale of books...
 Regional Museum Adolfo Bermudez Jenkins This is one of the most important museums in Peru due to the exhibition of important archaeological remains of the Paracas, Nasca... read more read more
 ARCHAEOLOGICAL MUSEUM ANTONINI The Archaeological Museum Antonini is one of the most important Museum in the Region of Ica and one of the main attractions of Nasca.... read more
 Julio C. tello museum - paracas The Julio C. Tello Museum exhibits remains of the Paracas Culture and some of the artifacts can be as old as 2000 years. The Museum... read more

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