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Ica Money Exchange & Banks If you are in the Region of Ica and there is a need to pay with Peruvian Soles, it is recommended you exchange money in the cities of Pisco, Ica, or Nasca at a recognized exchange shop or bank. Always keep in mind that banks will give fewer Peruvian Soles in exchange of American Dollars or Euros than a money exchange shop. In the Region of Ica, prices are listed in local currency (Peruvian Soles) and American Dollars may not be accepted in the majority of stores. (Euros or another currency won't be accepted either.) If American Dollars are accepted, the exchange rate will be significantly lower than the regular exchange rate. Always remember that exchanging money in the streets is not safe and there is a high risk of getting fake Peruvian bills. The MyPeruGuide site provides information and options about different Money Exchange businesses. These businesses are listed on our site upon request from the provider, and their business is subject to traveler reviews and ratings. The order of the providers listed on our site is based on registration date. If you’re looking for a safe Money Exchange business in Ica and would like information and feedback about it, please scroll down to find a list and details. If you represent a Money Exchange business and would like to list it on our site, please access our and fill it out.
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