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Ica Handcraft & Clothing Stores The Region of Ica has an ancient tradition when it comes to textiles and ceramics. Some mantles elaborated by the Paracas Culture more than 1500 years ago are in great shape and are part of several exhibitions in Ica, in Lima, and around the world. The techniques used by early Peruvians are still practiced and have been improved over time. The Districts of Ica and Nasca, in the Provinces of Ica and Nasca respectively, have small shops where the art of the local handcraft specialists can be purchased. If you are interested in buying art from these areas, this is the best place to do it. (Lima is the next option.) The MyPeruGuide site provides information and options about different handcraft and clothing stores. These stores are listed on our site upon request from the provider, and their business is subject to traveler reviews and ratings. The order of the providers listed on our site is based on registration date. If you would like information and feedback about handcraft and clothing stores in Ica, please scroll down to find a list and details of registered stores. If you are a handcraft or clothing store provider who would like to be listed on our site, please access our and fill it out.  MyPeruGuide
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