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ICA Population & Government The last official census performed in 2007 determined that the Region of Ica has 711,932 inhabitants, making it the 15th most populated one (out of 25 regions including El Callao). Ica is the region of Peru with the lowest percentage of people living in poverty or extreme poverty (15.1%). Castellano (Spanish from the region of Castilla in Spain) is the most widely spoken language in the Region of Ica. Ica is not a region with high levels of immigration even though it has a strong economy compared to the majority of regions. Peru is a democratic country where mayors, governors, and counselors are elected every four years. In January 2015, Fernando Cilloniz was elected governor of the region and Pedro Ramos was elected mayor of Ica City. The main city hall is located in downtown Ica (Main Square). There are 5 Provinces in Ica; the most populated one is Ica followed by Chincha and Pisco. Each province and district has a mayor. The Provinces of Ica are listed below: Chincha (northern part of the region) Ica (center of the region) Nasca (southern part of the region) Palpa (central eastern part of the region) Pisco (north-central part of the region)

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