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Restaurants in Nasca
Food in Ica The Region of Ica has introduced its own dishes to the Peruvian cuisine. The Afro-Peruvian community has been preparing delicious dishes for hundreds of years by mixing local ingredients, Spanish techniques, and customs brought from Africa. The famous dish Tacu Tacu is the result of this mix. It can be enjoyed at its best in the District of El Carmen, which is located in the Province of Chincha. Food in Ica should be eaten only in a trustworthy and reputable restaurant where appropriate cleaning practices are undertaken. The MyPeruGuide site provides information and options in different places. Food providers are listed in our site upon request from the provider, and their business is subject to traveler reviews and ratings. The order of the providers listed on our site is based on registration date. If you need suggestions about places to eat in Ica and would like information and feedback about them, please access our If you are a provider who would like to be listed on our site, please access our and fill it out.
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