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AREQUIPA Population & Government The last census, performed in 2007, determined that 1,152,303 Peruvians live in the Region of Arequipa and about 70% of them live in the Province of Arequipa. Castellano (Spanish from the region of Castilla in Spain) is the most widely spoken language in the Region of Arequipa. Immigrants from the Andes usually speak another language such as Quechua or Aymara, but knowledge of these languages isn't usually transferred to second generations. Peru is a democratic country where mayors, governors, and counselors are elected every four years. In January 2015 the re-elected mayor, Alfredo Zegarra Tejada, started a new term. The main City Hall is located in downtown Arequipa (in front of the Cathedral of Arequipa). There are eight provinces in Arequipa, the most important one being the Province of Arequipa, which has 29 districts. Each province and district has a mayor. The provinces of Arequipa are listed below: Arequipa (southern part of the region) Camana (central western part of the region) Caraveli (northwestern part of the region) Castilla (central eastern part of the region) Caylloma (central eastern part of the region) Condesuyos (central eastern part of the region) Islay (southwestern part of the region) La Union (northeastern part of the region)

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