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Arequipa Natural Attractions The Region of Arequipa has several ecological steps and the longest coastline in Peru. These varied ecosystems favored the formation of natural reserves and deep canyons surrounded by majestic volcanoes and high mountain peaks. This region boasts ideal spots for birdwatchers, such as the Mejia Lagoons and the Colca Canyon; beautiful landscapes shaped by 20 rivers; and the mountain ranges of Ampato, Volcanica, Chila, and Huanzo, with the Coropuna Volcano as the highest point (20,484 feet above sea level - 6,245 m.a.s.l.); as well as the Cotahuasi and Colca Canyons—two of the deepest canyons in the world. There is no doubt that the Region of Arequipa is an attractive region for outdoor lovers and adventurers. Below we list the most important and attractive natural reserves (or zones) and beaches in the Region of Arequipa.
 Colca Canyon The Colca Canyon and Valley (including the National Reserve of Salinas and Aguada Blanca) is home to 32 species of mammals and 136...
 Natural Sanctuary of Mejia Lagoons It is relatively close to the city of Arequipa and can be visited in one full day. Tours should be arranged in Arequipa since there aren't tour... read more read more
 canteras de sillar - Sillar Quarry "Las Canteras de Sillar" are a natural quarry formed by the lava created by the explosions of the the Misti and Chachani volcanes.... read more

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