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Arequipa Adventure Activities The Region of Arequipa is a playground for adventurers. Here adventure lovers can enjoy dozens of high, snowy peaks; rivers with class II, II, and IV rapids in several areas; sand hills for the practice of sandboarding; great waves to surf; a variety of sea life for scuba divers; great winds and canyons for paragliders; deep canyons to explore; as well as other natural wonders to hike or bike. Below is a list of the most important adventure activities that can be practiced in the Region of Arequipa with relevant information that will help you enjoy the outdoor activities in which you love to participate.  Whitewater Rafting in THE CHILI RIVER All tour companies offer rafting and safety equipment. It is important to ask and verify that tour guides have a certification in rafting and safety...  COLCA CANYON TREK (AKA SAN GALLE OASIS TREK) This traditional trek to San Galle is done in 2 days and it starts in the town of Cabanaconde (Colca Canyon.) This hike is commonly known...
 Mountain Biking THE CHACHANI VOLCANO The ride starts at a high-altitude level with high winds and cold weather conditions even though it is sunny. Sunscreen, sunglasses, a jacket... read more
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