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ABOUT THIS SITE A well-planned visit to Peru is key to fully enjoying the country. In this regard, Peru can offer a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience if planned correctly. When traveling to Peru, it is extremely important to obtain information pertinent to the activities a traveler enjoys the most and get the feedback of fellow travelers. Selecting the wrong accommodations or tour service provider can ruin a dream and expectations. My Peru Guide provides all travelers and professional agents relevant information about Peru, helping them plan a memorable experience which will include the activities that they are most likely to enjoy. My Peru Guide can also be used once the traveler is in Peru to help in a well-planned vacation. We provide information on the most important and popular tourist sights as well as places and activities off the beaten path, in addition to popular restaurants and reliable accommodations. Even though we cover all main tourist areas in Peru, our emphasis is in the Southern area of the country, most notably the Regions of Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Puno and Cusco. (Some travelers add the Amazon rainforest to their itineraries.) The Southern Region of Peru offers a wide variety of experiences and has an immense capacity to accommodate all types of travelers, from those venturing out of their homeland for the first time to the most adventurous explorers. My Peru Guide lists archaeological sites, other places of interest, and outdoor and indoor activities, most of which have been visited by our staff to provide accurate details. This information is constantly updated. It also lists restaurants, accommodations, tour operators and other businesses related to the tourism industry upon the request of fellow travelers or the providers. Our intent is to make sure that these providers offer a quality service and, more importantly, that travelers get the service offered at the time of booking. This is assured through the ratings and comments provided by our community of fellow travelers. Our goal is to maximize the traveler’s Peruvian experience by providing: Trustworthy facts about Peru and the Southern Peru Regions Relevant information about ancient sites, museums, and places of interest rated by fellow travelers Accommodations and restaurants rated by fellow guests Suggestions to minimize risks, resulting in an enjoyable experience Safety and healthcare tips This site is also committed to promoting and providing sustainable and responsible tourism and having a positive impact in Peru. In order to reach this goal, My Peru Guide supports educational projects in Andean towns where children live in extreme poverty.

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